I am 51 years old, by profession accountant. I grew up with German Hunting Terriers and English Cocker Spaniels. I bought my first dog, an Irish Setter when I was 13 years old.
I first started judging in 1981. I am now FCI International judge for Groups 1, 7, 8, 9 and 10. I have owned, bred, co-bred and co-owned champions in Irish Setters, Gordon Setters, Golden Retrievers and Australian Shepherds. I also have interest in Labrador Retrievers and Lagottos. I have served on club committees and breeding committees for Retrievers, Pointing breeds, Poodles and Hearding breeds. I also served on the board of Slovenian Kennel Club.
Alenka Pokorn

ALEŠ NOVAK-  Slovenia

Graduated from Economics, Professional photographer, Slo. Archery and Swimming  champion, Ski teacher, Whippet breeder, Exhibitor and Int. FCI Judge group  4, 8 AND 10.

My name is Aleš Novak and I started sharing my active life with dogs (whippets) in 1992, when my Karstia kennel was established. I have always kept good contacts with best breeders in the UK and other parts of Europe and World. From 1992 i had 28 whippet litters and many of my puppies became champions. My Karstia Whippets  got 16 Best in Show Tittles and 45 Best of group tittles.

We established Slovenian Sighthound Club more than 25 years ago. Member of Slovenian Sighthound club board, breeding comitee and president of show comitee for more than 15 years.

I am International FCI judge for all Sighthounds, Dachshunds, Spaniels, Retrievers and Water dogs from 2001. I judged many International, national and special shows all around Europe and Australia. 

I am in love with dogs and i always respect exhibitors, that’s why i have always big entry at any show. Always come and judge seriously, unburdened and with honour. Every time I judge any breed I am licensed for by FCI, I try my best to choose the best quality dogs in my opinion, regardless of achievements of the dogs from previous dog shows. That is why I am never under pressure of knowing who the leading show dog is or who handles it in the show ring.

What judge friends, show organizers and exhibitors said many times about me: friendly to dogs and people, knowledge, eye for a good dog and proper moving, dynamic sporty person with wide open mind…

Dear exhibitors, thanks for your trust and I hope we will spend a nice time together.

Aleš Novak- Karstia Slovenia